Module Four Lesson Two Assignment
Updated: 2/24/2019
Module Four Lesson Two Assignment
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  • Come on Ricky we need to create something cooler and meaner!
  • Tabatha, Jerry calm down! We need to work together!
  • Ohio, 1986
  • No Tabatha we need something that'll make money and sounds fast!
  • Yeah Ricky this kind of blows.
  • Wait what? why?!!
  • Look, Ricky, we don't want to do songs about love and peace anymore.
  • Yeah, and he said we can only get with him if we stop playing love songs, and start playing more rock and roll.
  • Look, we met with a manager who can get us big gigs.
  • Guys love and peace is the only thing that will bring this world together. rock and roll will only cause more disunity.
  • Look guys, we aren't getting anywhere. I have a proposition. please just listen.
  • all right, we're listening.
  • That's a good idea Ricky! It's good we talked it out!
  • A few moments Later
  • I'm so glad we talked things out!
  • Hey! I just called the manager and he loves it! we can play both rock and love songs!
  • New York, 1987
  • Because we talked, and made a compromise, my group has become the highest popular band in the 80s. I guess I've learned to listen to my group's needs more often, which has improved my morals in leadership and in integrity.
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