toxic love story
Updated: 2/11/2020
toxic love story

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  • This is about a toxic love story. It's about my ex-husband with whon i had been living for four years.
  • There had never been any beginning of violence, none of it, he was someone pretty calm. No alarming in the past.
  • But one day, i want now to assert my rights as, he was domeenering, and i was his scapegoat. He strangled me, he pushed me against the wall.
  • At last,i woke up as he helped me wake up and i coughed up some of my teeth. I was bleeding a lot.
  • He went to get me a big towel, which filled with blood very quickly.Then my first reaction was to say:
  • But what did you do that to me for?
  • And so i believed him. It's often this of argument that comes up with terrible man.He used to say:"she was histerical and i had to calm her down!"
  • I'am Sandrine Bonnaire and this is my story.