Updated: 1/16/2021

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Storyboard Text

  • YESSS!!!!
  • Children, I am retiring. I am giving my automotive business to who ever can build the fastest land car.
  • NOOOO!!
  • Instructions: Who ever creates the fastest car wins the family automotive business. The first car that accelerates to 60km/h wins. Rules:24 hours to completeMust be completed individually NO COMPLANING!
  • OHH, IT'S ON!
  • OHH NOO, this was a bad idea
  • 4 hours left
  • I'm so happy that I remembered my grade 12 advanced functions class. Learning about rates of change, allowed to to apply my knowledge to my profession!
  • According To My AROC Calculations, my vehicles will accelerate 6.6km/h/seconds
  • 22 hours left
  • According To My IROC Calculations, my vehicle will travel 4.6 km/h within two seconds
  • 20 hours left
  • Meanwhile, 1 hour until the race
  • I'm so going to beat my sister.
  • Ready? 3, 2, 1 and.... SIKE! I love both of you, so you are going to be partners for our family business. Now let's go to Disney land courtesy of John, since he never made a vehicle.