Battle Of Hastings

Updated: 8/2/2020
Battle Of Hastings

Storyboard Text

  • Who will be the next king of Wessex???
  • The Battle Of Hasting 1066
  • King Edward dies on the 5th of January from a cancer without an heir
  • Has king Edward was lying on his deaf bed he was thinking of her the next king of Wessex would be
  • Harold Godwinson Earl of Wessex proclaim king by the witan
  • Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardrada, and William all proclaim to be the new king of Wessex. These are the reason these people wanted to be the new king. Harold Godwinson believed he was rightful to the throne because Harold had won a handful of battles for King Edward. Harold Harada claimed he should be king of England because he was a distant cousin of King Canute who was the king of England, Denmark, and Norway. William duke of Normandy who was a distant cousin of Edward the confessor was promised to the throne by Edward and Harold.
  • Harald Hadrada Lands at North Umbria with 300 ships which started at battle of the fulford gate. was a major disaster for King Harold II. He had expected his northern earls to defeat the Norwegians whilst he waited for Duke William's invasion from the south. Harold II would have to finish the job himself. The outcome was a decisive victory for Harald Hardrada.