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How the living beings obtain energy? Part 2
Updated: 10/19/2020
How the living beings obtain energy? Part 2
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  • Aerobic organisms use oxygen to perform our functions. In the oxidation process there must always be a reduced molecule and an oxidized one. This process takes place through metabolism, and nutrients like glucose and fatty acids have electrons stored in their bonds. The series of reactions, either synthesis or degradation, of molecules within a cell, is called metabolism.
  • Master, as I understand it, there is a phase that is responsible for decomposing the different compounds and is divided into 3 stages that are the macromolecules, acetyl CoA and the Krebs cycle.What do the anabolic pathways?What is the exergonic reaction?
  • Very good observations, I congratulate you for being aware of the class, because there you have it, answering the first question, the answer is catabolism; The second question is clarified by saying that they are in charge of synthesizing, from a simple molecule, a more complex one; And solving the third question is that it is the reactions that take place in the anabolic pathways that can release energy during the process.
  • Oh now it's much clearer thank you teacher.
  • And to finish with the class we will talk about fermentation; When respiration cannot occur, either due to the absence of an external electron acceptor or due to some defect in the cellular respiratory chain, fermentation is the catabolic pathway used to produce energy from glucose or other carbon sources. In the case of glucose, for example, its partial oxidation is carried out through the glycolytic pathway, through which pyruvate, ATP and NADH are produced. The reduction of pyruvate (or another oxidative product) marks the beginning of the synthesis of waste products, which can be alcohols, gases or organic acids, which are excreted into the extracellular environment.I hope that with this class you have better understood the process of obtaining energy in nature. See you in the next class take care of yourselves.
  • Thank you very much teacher, until the next class.
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