The Deal with the Devil
Updated: 2/5/2020
The Deal with the Devil
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A young man trying to express himself but his dad doesn't approve.

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  • Son, you have to stop wearing colorful eyes and dying your hair exotic colors.
  • don't tell me how to handle him, he needs to learn how to be a man.
  • deal!
  • you didn't have to say that to him.
  • The story starts off with a young man, Dane, expressing himself through his clothes, and appearance. His father strongly disagree but on the other hand, his mother accepts him for who he wants to be.
  • Dane's mom tries to take up for him and his ways but Dane's father just wish he was a normal teenage instead of trying to stick out.
  • i know, i'm prepared.
  • you knew what the deal consisted of and what would happen if you reneged.
  • Brunche, Dane's father, heard of a man who can make his 1 wish come true in exchange for his soul. The only problem was that he didn't want to just didn't want to change his son, he wanted him gone.
  • we are so proud of you son, you'll overcome a lot and came a long way to make it to this day.
  • Brunche made the deal, within the next day his wife was found dead but his son was still gay. Dane didn't wear exotic colors or clothes, he dyed his hair black.
  • Weeks went by, Brunche couldn't accept the fact that his wife was gone and that his son was still the way he wished he wasn't. He met the devil and asked for his wife back. The devil warned him if he reneged on the deal, he would have to suffer the consequences.
  • Brunche accepted what came after him wishing his wife back. After his wife returned from the dead, it was only right for him to trade his life for hers. It has been 2 years since he's been gone. Dane lives his life how he wants to and his mom accepts him for who he is. May remarries and her husband accepts Dane as much as she does.
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