The witch of Blackbird pond
Updated: 11/24/2020
The witch of Blackbird pond

Storyboard Text

  • Kit gets sad and goes to the meadow´s.
  • -Crys-
  • She feels someone watching and looks back to see Hannah Tupper.
  • -see´s Hannah-
  • They start to talk and Kit seems she is Harmless, and is happy to see her her true self.
  • Thee did well, child, to come to the meadow. There is always a cure here when the heart is troubled.
  • Hannah offers her food and Kit says yes, and goes to her house.
  • I didn´t really intend to come here.
  • Thee must be hungry. Come, and I´ll give thee a bite to eat.
  • They talk and get to know each other, and Kit is being honest to Hannah.
  • You´ve given me and answer, have´nt you? I think I know what you mean.
  • Kit liked Hannah and wants to go back, because Hannah understands her.
  • The answer is in thy heart.