Updated: 2/23/2021

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  • I had a great time with you. 
  • So did I, can you walk me home?
  • I really want to do this again sometime.
  • We definitely shou... do you smell that? Smells like carbon monoxide.
  • Dr.  CO!!!!
  • OMG I do smell that?!?!?!?!
  • Yes, it is me and I have the power to control the most dangerous primary pollutant ever!
  • Anna and Emmet decided to go on a first date to the movies since he told her that he had a crush on.
  • RUN or he will poison us to DEATH!!
  • As they walk together, they converse and suddenly there is a strong odor coming from somewhere.
  • You can't outrun me!! You're surrounded by fumes from fuel and that makes me more powerful.
  • Anna screams as she realizes where the smell was coming from. She is frantic when she sees Dr. CO who is the most notorious super villain. He has the power to control carbon monoxide, so he can kill someone by poisoning them or simply making them go unconscious.
  • You can't stop me!! So just leave!!
  • Really, let's see about that. Remember I can always call my friend water vapor to turn your powers into something less harmful like H or CO2.
  • They both run for their lives and try to get as far way from Dr.CO as fast as they could.
  • Dr. CO gained his powers when one night when he was a teenager. His whole family was asleep upstairs but he snuck out of his room and went downstairs to play video games. He was unaware but upstairs was filling up with carbon monoxide and by morning his entire family had died from poisoning. From that day he vowed that he would never allow anyone to be happy.
  • Double 00 showed up and his power is controlling oxygen and he traps Dr. CO in Oxygen. His powers don't work in the bubble.