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Updated: 2/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Nice, what about the xylem and phloem?
  • You ready for the test on Photosynthesis?
  • Yea, I've been studying about how sunlight, CO2, and water gets turned into glucose.
  • Oh those were easy, I just remember that they are basically tree subways.
  • Oh yea, I remember now, thanks man.
  • Hey, do you remember what the chloroplast and stomata do?
  • Yea, the chloroplast is where the main parts of photosynthesis happens, and the stomata controls the flow of oxygen and CO2 in and out of the plant.
  • Ok, thanks.
  • Do you know number seven?
  • Yea, it's guard cells.
  • Shhhhhh!!