Fart Powder Storyboard 4
Updated: 5/12/2020
Fart Powder Storyboard 4
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  • AHHHH!!
  • Today was the day that Nilly and Mr. Hiccup were going to be turned into giant waffles. Staler, Goran, and Trandoora (Staler's henchmen) were getting the batter ready. Nilly was the first to be tossed into the giant waffle iron. Before he was tossed in, he heard music in the distance. It was getting louder and louder.
  • He went down into the sewer!
  • Dr. Proctor, Mr Madsen, Ms. Strobe, Janne, Beatrize, Lisa's parents, and Nilly's mom and sister were all in Dr Proctor's sidecar on their way to rescue Nilly & Mr Hiccup. They were all playing band instruments so loud for everyone to hear. Those that heard the music were no longer hypnotized. The people of Oslo were waking up!
  • Hiccup!Hiccup!
  • Nilly had his eyes closed when Staler pushed him into the hot waffle iron. He could feel the heat of the iron but something slimy wrapped around his waist. It was Mr. Hiccup's super long frog-like tongue! Staler shouted to his troops "shoot them!" Nobody did. Staler realized that no one was listening to him, turned invisible and tried to escape.
  • HELP!!
  • Staler's guards were no longer hypnotized and captured Goran and Tandoora. Staler was invisible but Lisa saw his footprints in the snow. He escaped down a manhole. Lisa, Nilly, Dr. Proctor, and Mr Hiccup went down too. They thought all was lost when they couldn't find him in the sewer. They started to turn back to the entrance...
  • But, Nilly heard a "hiccup" that sounded very familiar. He followed the hiccup sound into one of the tunnels. They turned into the tunnel, they saw Staler (in baboon form) captured in one of Perry's massive cobwebs! Nilly was so happy Perry was still alive and everyone was super happy that Staler was caught. Now he couldn't hypnotize anyone again.
  • Two guards were in charge of bringing Staler out of the sewer. Neither of them could cut through Perry's web. They turned to go get hedge clippers and heard a shout for help. They turned around and Staler was gone! Both guards believe that a giant anaconda, that was rumored to live in the sewer, swallowed Staler. Finally, everything was back to normal in Oslo, Norway! ~~THE END~~
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