Storyboard - Fart Powder - Who Cut the Cheese 2
Updated: 5/9/2020
Storyboard - Fart Powder - Who Cut the Cheese 2
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  • Kill them!!
  • Unfortunately, Mr. Hiccup got captured but Nilly escaped. He told the rest what the moon chameleons were planning to do and what they looked like. Tenorson wanted Greater Norway to invade Denmark. They all decided that they needed to get their real king back. They went to South Trondelag in Dr. Proctor's motorcycle that had a sidecar attachment. To get to South Trondelag, Nilly had to walk across high voltage wires.
  • It was so windy that Nilly fell. Perry's extra strong webs saved his life.Nilly learns that Perry has super spiderweb strength because he accidentally drank Dr. Proctor's strength tonic. They all needed help to cross the canyon so they found a man named Petter who was able to hang glide them to the other side. Once they crossed, they found the king. They explained why the king had to return to Norway.
  • The Vincibles told the king that Hallword Tenorson was a moon chameleon whose real name was Yodolf Staler. The king had a butler but he didn't know the butler was a moon chameleon who had to watch the king. The butler tried to capture and eat the Vincibles, but Lisa heard him talking to Goran (another moon chameleon) via Morse Code. They escaped just in time, but Nilly forgot Perry. The king was captured.
  • Perry had helped the king escape his moon chameleon butler and they made their way back to Norway. The others had a plan to rescue Mr. Hiccup. But Yodolf Staler was camouflaged in Mr. Hiccups dungeon cell and captured Nilly and Perry. He puts Perry in Dr. Proctor's strength tonic bottle and tightens the cap so no air can get in the bottle.
  • Lisa, Dr Proctor, and Ms. Strobe knew they were next to get caught. They hid in Dr Proctor's house. Yodolf Staler wanted to know who Nilly's accomplices were but Nilly said he'd never tell. So Staler threw the bottle with Perry in it, out the window. In the meantime, the real king finally decided that he HAD to do something for his people.
  • The king gave a speech on TV. He told the citizens that Tenorson's goal was not to create a better life but to create chaos and provide his baboons with human waffles for breakfast.  They had a plan to dehypnotize the people. They had to play marching band music so loud that the people would listen to that music and not the choral music. It worked and many became dehypnotized.
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