Freshmen Year Reflection

Updated: 3/24/2021
Freshmen Year Reflection

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  • Arriving to his first day of school. He was prepared to remarked this day as not notable and go through the day quiet as a stick.
  • hi
  • The faces in class were unknown and new to him. He didn't bother with trying to memorize his classmates.
  • and your name?
  • Raul
  • He had long been acquainted to the silence he dreaded in as his lack of courage halted him from talking to others.
  • Then his chance to break the silence didn't come from a resounding accomplishment, it came with a "hi".
  • Their discussion turned to the point of introduction which he could respond quickly with "Raul"
  • Raul found more comfort that day. having broke his quiet stance and made a friend.