Buddha Story

Updated: 7/29/2020
Buddha Story

Storyboard Text

  • Buddha's father would surround him with gorgeous women his entire life and prevent him from leaving the kingdom's walls.
  • I must surround my son with more beautiful women so he never leaves the kingdom.
  • After leaving the Palace Buddha will see the first of one of his "Three Signs".
  • Why is the poor old man outside alone as he approaches hes age of death.
  • He is dying.
  • After continuing on his journey, Buddha will see the second of his "Three Signs".
  • What is wrong with this man?
  • He is dying.
  • Why did you die?!?!
  • As Buddha continued on after leaving the Palace he came to his third of the "Three Signs." Death.
  • What happen?
  • A man has died and is being brought off to be cremated.
  • Buddha would trade his Palace cloths for that of simple man so he may come closer to understanding his enlightenment.
  • Okay.
  • Ill trade my cloths with some of your own.
  • Focus on the dirt being dig up by the horse pulling the plow.
  • Buddha would mediate under the Bodhi Fig Tree in which he would form to what we know today as the religion of Buddhism.