Out of the Book
Updated: 5/23/2020
Out of the Book

Storyboard Text

  • James Bell is reading a good book about animals, until his mother called him downstairs for lunch.
  • When James left, the book started jumping everywhere, as if it was alive!
  • Then the book opened, and a red panda came out of it!
  • The book started jumping around again, so the red panda started chasing it. It suddenly reopened again, and a cow popped out.
  • The animals heard a noise coming, so the dashed to a hiding spot. James went back into the room to read his book. The animals thought he wasn't so bad, so they went to him to see if he was friendly. Apparently, he thought they weren't.
  • After James left, the book started jumping again, and six more animals popped out of the book. The cow and the red panda tried to make a good first impression. And the animals liked them! So they played with each other with amusment.