Skulduggery Pleasant
Updated: 3/17/2021
Skulduggery Pleasant

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, because right now the Vampires are not yet at their full strength.
  • Art Gallery
  • We're going now? But its still bright outside
  • Later
  • I think I found a puzzle thing.
  • We need to find a good book about the scepter!
  • Stephanie(the girl) and Skulduggery(the skeleton) have to sneak into the Art Gallery and figure out how to destroy the scepter of the Ancients.
  • You can destroy the crystal of the scepter but only an ancient or a descendant can get to the crystal without being detected.
  • Stephanie and Skulduggery quietly sneak through the Museum searching for the chamber and avoiding the Vampires.
  • I might be a descendant of the ancients.
  • How can you destroy the Scepter?
  • Stephanie and Skullduggery search for a book where they can learn about the scepter.
  • Stephanie! Get out of here!
  • The puzzle contains a Echo Stone and when used a man pops out.
  • Stephanie and Skullduggery ask the man questions to figure out what they need.
  • Stephanie and Skulduggery attempt to escape but there are 2 vampires blocking their escape so Skulduggery has to try to attack them while Stephanie runs away.