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immune and digestive system
Updated: 4/13/2018
immune and digestive system
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  • No its not, the systems are really cool, espically the immune and digestive system 
  • Why am I here, Science is stupid and so is all these systems!
  • show me how these systems are "so cool" 
  • add digestie system picture 
  • Lets look at the board and talk about the digestive system,  the digestive systems function is to break down food into small pieces to be absorbed by the body. This is big for maintaining homeostasis!
  • That's boring, what is homeostasis anyway and how does the digestive system "maintain" it
  • Homeostasis is the state of being stable and the digestive system helps the cells to stay stable. If it wasn't for the digestive system, You wouldn't break down key nutrients into your body that you need everyday. The digestive system keeps a PH balance for the food to get broken down to maintain homeostasis
  • I guess that's pretty cool. But what about the immune system, how is the immune system cool 
  • add immune image
  • The immune system is really cool as well, its function is to defend against germs,viruses and diseases and to keep the body healthy 
  • Let me guess, the immune system maintains homeostasis!?
  • You betcha, the immune system is key to maintaining homeostasis. If it wasn't for the immune system,  all the cells would be damaged by Bactria. the immune system helps fight off viruses and Bactria so the cells won't get damage by them
  • Oh wow
  • they are the best because they work together to help maintain homeostasis for each other!
  • I'll show you!
  • Wait, so why are the immune system and the digestive system the best systems?
  • How?
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