Consequences of smoking
Updated: 6/7/2020
Consequences of smoking
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  • I wonder if anyone smokes at school?
  • I've heard a rumour that Freddie has bought some ciggarettes to school.
  • Oh no... I hope she can't smell my clothes from the cigarette I had earlier!
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  • Hmm maybe I need to stop smoking... I'm not feeling too good and feel sluggish and not energetic.
  • Hey Freddie... I love keeping fit, healthy and taking care of my body! I'm so pumped for this game!
  • Farout I can't stop coughing... I have no energy!
  • Great game! I can play another game!!
  • Me too... lets play again! Feeling great!
  • Nah I should be ok! Having a few cigarrettes a day won't hurt me!
  • Listen up kids! We need to start training which will include healthy eating and good habits!
  • Hey Max, want a break from training... I have some cigarettes!
  • No thanks Freddie! Smoking is bad for you! I don't care what you think about me if I don't have one!
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