Musliim Camps
Updated: 10/26/2020
Musliim  Camps

Storyboard Description

The police are their to take them to camp

Storyboard Text

  • In this image is showing how they go and take them in a truck where they are all sqished in
  • save me
  • take them to the camp
  • their are over or more than 400 camps with family being pull apart of each other
  • I wish their is a change
  • even though they say they dont treat them badly they are still trying to convert them to other religon that they dont pratice
  • you have to belive this now
  • sarah Good is the witch
  • they have accused Sarah Good of doing witchcraft whom Abigail accuses of witchcraft
  • she must have done it with her low class she must have wanted more
  • the reason that she was accusesd was because she was poor and unstable in the head
  • She did not defend herself well since it look liked she put the cures on the girls so in the end nobody belived her
  • i did'nt do it
  • then say the ten commandment
  • i did'nt do it
  • i did'nto it
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