Music Appreciation
Updated: 4/7/2021
Music Appreciation

Storyboard Text

  • Mozart, Do you believe you had better success as an Adult composer or as a child?
  • I feel I was more successful as child due to the many accomplishments I had as a young boy, I wrote my first Symphony at the age of 8!
  • I loved the idea that you don't have to be born into a noble family to have success and change society. Music and composing was a talent I had from an early age and I found success through it.
  • Beethoven, What do you think was a motivating factor to be a composer?
  • I think because I'm such a perfectionist I take a lot more time with the music that I write in comparison to you who can write a new piece in a day! I think we are both very talented in the aspect of music writing, after all I did study under you for a bit.
  • Despite many similarities in our works what differences do you see in our works as a whole?