Updated: 5/6/2018
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  •  One day, Janey and her younger brother Samy went for a walk in the woods.
  • No. But I'd love to know.
  • Timmy, have you heard about the importance of photosynthesis in life?
  • Janey, seeing her brother's enthusiasm for knowing what photosynthesis was, began to explain.
  • Wow, how fascinating! , I want to know more.
  • Photosynthesis plays a very important role in plants because it converts them into autotrophic organisms, that is, they elaborate their own organic matter.
  • Timmy is very confused about not understanding how the plants could achieve this process.
  • This same one is in charge of converting the light energy into chemical energy inside a plant.
  • And how can they do all that?
  • Then it started to rain, and together they took refuge in a small cave so that Janey could continue explaining to the little Tomy.
  • It's very easy, little one. Plants have plant cells, which carry chloroplasts, who are responsible for performing photosynthesis.
  • Once it finished raining, they went out again to walk to the forest.
  • Well you see, inside the chloroplasts, there is the thylakoid membrane, which is where the light phase occurs; and there is also the stroma, where the dark phase occurs.
  • Exactly! How fast you learn.
  • Janey did not want to confuse her brother, so she tried to be as clear as possible.
  • Now, little brother, the luminous phase happens during the day because it needs the sun, while the dark phase takes place during the night or the day because it does not depend on it.
  • Hmm, I still do not know very clearly.
  • So these are the two phases in which photosynthesis is divided.
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