Lytic Cycle: Overthrowing the government.
Updated: 7/16/2020
Lytic Cycle: Overthrowing the government.
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  • Not like he was even doing anything for this country in the first place! 
  • I can't believe this is happening
  • Who would try to kill the president?!
  • This is the 5th time we've tried to kill him. But he always seems to slip out at the last second
  • Well, what are we going to do now? This was our last chance to kill him before the elections start. We already know he's going to get re-elected, everyone is too blinded by his actions to see the truth!
  • You can't be serious! Have you lost your mind? That's the most dangerous plan we've got and the most plausible one where we all go jail. Think clearly, Jasper.
  • We all know what we have to do now. There's no other option left. We have to overthrow the president from the inside.
  • Are you sure you want to do this, Alaric? I am more than willing to become the spy.
  • You're a brave man Alaric for going in there. Stay safe. Contact us when it's absolutely necessary.
  • I'm sure Jasper. The team needs you here with them, you're in charge of everything. We'd be so lost without you. I'm capable of doing this.
  • The man stares at the bold red headline with disinterested eyes. Another attempt unsuccessful. He walks away before he can hear more disappointing news to deliver to the team.
  • Yes, my name is Alaric. I was transferred here from the senate. I'm looking forward to working at the governmental house!
  • Hello! You must be Alaric. My name is Maria, I work here as an assistant to one of the senior advisors.
  • It's great to hear the enthusiasm, we look forward to working with you. You signed up for the full-time security position, correct? I'll show you where you'll be staying. Follow me!
  • Nice to meet you. I'm Kaden, the President's personal advisor.
  • A secret organization meets in a secluded area, deciding what to do after their failed plan. As the ideas run out they think of one last option: overthrow the president from the inside out.
  • I'm so sorry! It's just been so hectic around here with the upcoming election.
  • That's Okay! By the way, are you new around here, I've never seen you before in the house?
  • No it was my fault. I wasn't looking where I was going. Sorry about that.
  • Ah yes actually. I just moved in from the senate. I'm Alaric.
  • The organization deliberates for hours until coming to a final decision. They're going to send one of their own into the lion's den. They're going to overthrow the president in his own home. 
  • The team gets Alaric a position to become apart of the governmentalhouse's security. Alaric represents the virus.
  • Three weeks pass by and there's no sign of any valuable information. Alaric is starting to lose hope. Suddenly, he bumps into the president's personal advisor. Alaric figures out he can be a very useful person to the organization. Kaden represents the host.
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