Lytic Cycle: Overthrowing the government (PART 2)
Updated: 7/16/2020
Lytic Cycle: Overthrowing the government (PART 2)
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  • I'm just extremely stressed out. The president wants so many things to happen before the election. I'm only one person, I can't do it all.
  • You'll figure it out Kaden, it's going to be okay! Plus you've done a fantastic job so far.
  • Thanks Alaric. I really appreciate you always being there for me
  • You're right Alaric. He doesn't care about me. He only loves his government and power, even if his actions mean hurting people.
  • He's just so difficult and controlling sometimes! He doesn't understand my job and all the things I do for him.
  • Well you know what they say about people in power, they don't care about those who help them as long as they get what they want in the end. This is his country and government. You don't matter.
  • This represents the entry stage where the virus uses its enzymes to break the bacterial wall and inject the host with its DNA/RNA.
  • Maybe Alaric is right. The president is selfish and has done so many things that have harmed people. He doesn't care.
  • He didn't even say happy birthday yesterday. I've working with him for the past 9 years!
  • Does he know the names of the staff that work for him? I don't think so. That man is ungrateful
  • He never even says thank you to the cooks. We're the ones who make his meals at his beck and call. Without us, he'd starve to death.
  • As the election approaches Kaden becomes more stressed out. He finds himself confinding in the spy. Alaric brings him a comforting feeling (Viral tail fibres) with his presence that attaches itself to Kaden's heart (Host's receptors). This represents the attachment phase of the lytic cycle when the capsids combine with the bacteria's receptor.
  • Us groundkeepers tend to the gardens to keep up his professional appearance to the public and he can't even stand to look at us!
  • Alaric realizes that Kaden is getting comfortable. He starts to feed Kaden negative words (Enzymes) about the president by using the comfort he brings to the man (Viral tail). Alaric's perspective starts to get to Kaden's head, slowly breaking down his mind (bacterial cell wall), injecting his thoughts with these ideals (DNA/RNA).
  • It's too late. There's already too many of them in there with him.
  • Days pass by and the election is in a month. Alaric's words start to resonate in Kaden's mind. He slowly begins to copy the spy's ideals (copying DNA/RNA) and makes his own perspective (synthesizing protein). This is the replication/biosynthesis stage of the lytic cycle where the host produces the nucleic acids and proteins of the virus themself.
  • It's too bad that Kaden got thrown into jail. To think I started to like him too. Poor thing. But I now have many "viruses" at my disposal to take down the president once and for all
  • The organization still needs more information though. New Motive: Infiltrate the lives of president's family.
  • These ideals and perspectives start coming together (RNA/DNA core combine with the proteins). Slowly Kaden starts voicing his opinions to other staff members that surprisingly agree with him. This stands for the assembly phase where the bacteria combines the RNA/DNA with the protein to make new viruses.
  • We need to do something so he can't win this upcoming election. His administration cannot continue.
  • The house's staff quietly start to revolt against the president and his loyal administration. One day when Kaden was ransacking the president's office for valuable documents to use against him in the election, he is caught by the president himself! Kaden gets thrown into jail for breaking the law, a life sentence without parole (Death of the host).
  • This is the final stage of the lytic cycle. The new viruses have now broken through the cell wall and have killed the host.
  • Release / Lysis phase: The new viruses have now left the host and are starting the cycle again.
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