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Muscle Project
Updated: 11/16/2020
Muscle Project
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  • Man, that was a tough game, my legs kill...
  • So you're telling me all of that happened within my calves just because I went to kick the ball?
  • I know dude, at least you scored the winning goal! Your legs hurt because you didn't stretch your muscles before the game.
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  • What do you mean... What's going on with my muscles ?
  • Muscle Contraction!
  • What's muscle contraction?
  • No worries, I'll explain... it starts at the neuromuscular junction when your brain sends a signal for movement
  • Yep! Your calf is called the gastrocnemius. I'm sure your adductor muscle and hamstrings were involved too but since your calves are what hurt, we'll focus on them.
  • How was your game son?
  • It was good... but Mom, but please remind me to never mention muscles around Max... like ever again
  • ...and the continuous contractions are why your muscles are sore. Zach? Zach... you still there?
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