Lesson of My Life

Updated: 10/10/2021
Lesson of My Life

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! My name is Eya, and you are going to know my life lessons during Holy Week. As you can see, even I don't have feet, I can still walk ;)
  • Eya, it's Holy Week you need to stay at home for you to be safe. We have to attend mass for the sacrifice of Jesus.
  • Mom, I'm going out with my friends.
  • This is the story about the young kids who goes out during Holy Week, and they met an accident that causes Eya to lose her feet.
  • As, her mom is doing the laundry Eya barged in saying that she wanted to go out. Then her mom disagree here and scolded her. She then roam out there house and joins her friends.
  • As soon as Eya got out to her home, she met her friends waiting here outside.
  • When they are already got to their meeting place with their another friend who ha a car, they hopped in and stroll around the city and then suddenly something bad has happened.
  • All of them shouted as much as they can because of the crash.
  • After that incident, they changed. In the next Holy Week as they celebrated easter day also they managed to stay and reflect with all their sins.