TL- getting something wrong
Updated: 2/12/2021
TL- getting something wrong

Storyboard Text

  • Tony it's time for work
  • OK.
  • I'm a bit worried.I hope I don't get anything wrong
  • This is good work Tony. Just one answer is wrong
  • Tony is so clever.He only got one answer wrong and I can explain it to him.
  • Let's look at it again and I will help you
  • I am so worried..Why do I get things wrong?I am always making mistakes..
  • Oh No!! I don't want it to be wrong.
  • I keep getting things wrong,, I must be stupid to make mistakes,, I am really worried!
  • I keep getting things wrong! I don't want to get wrong answers!
  • It makes me sad that Tony is so worried. He is really clever and doing so well.
  • It's OK Tony. Everyone gets things wrong sometimes.