Girls Make You Weak
Updated: 2/14/2020
Girls Make You Weak

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • You guys are 3 generations of cheaters.
  • Rising Action
  • ugh
  • Hey, Tyler. I texted you last night. Why didn't you text me back?
  • aww man...... i meant to. Sorry>
  • Rising Action / Conflict
  • Hi tyler
  • She's so beautiful.
  • Tyler believes that there is a type of "cheating gene" in the male genetics of his family tree. The family believes that the trait is hereditary
  • Rising action
  • Hey Guys.
  • Tyler has multiple different girls that he texts and talk to. Monique is one of those girls and shes wondering why hes not texting her and asks for his phone after it keeps buzzing
  • Conflict
  • So, how many girlfriends do you have
  • I want her back
  • After Tyler is done talking to Monique he runs into Celeste, his ex. when they were together Tyler was in love with her. All while he pretends he happy with all these different girls that he texts, he actually wants Celeste back.
  • Falling Action / resolution
  • After school Tyler runs into Angela while Celeste is being entertained be a boy in a Benz. He tries to use Angela's conversation as a distraction from Celeste but he cant keep his eyes off of her.
  • Oh hi Angela
  • After Celeste is done talking to the boy in the car she focuses her attention back on Tyler; she manipulates him. She knows she has influence over him so she seduces him and tries to get him to confess that he wants her back.
  • I told you, i don't do girlfriends
  • Though Tyler is in love with Celeste he manages break away from her manipulation. He now distracts himself with Angela again. Though hes distracted he's still thinking about Celeste, he wants to make her jealous and teach her a lesson. He wonders why girls like to play games.