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Updated: 3/26/2020
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  • Mousetrap Cars(Simple Edition)
  • To create a simple mousetrap car you will need:
  • 3 Balsa Wooden Frame, 1 metre String, Hot Glue Gun with Glue, Pliers, Scissors 4 Bearings, 8 Rubber Stoppers (Wheel Stoppers), 2 axles, 1 long but thin rod, 4 DVD Disks, 1 Zip tie, 1 Hook and a Mousetrap
  • Put the axles underneath the platform, Place the bearings on the outside end of the axle with the first rubber stopper placed beside the bearing and the second at the end of the axle (two on each outside piece)
  • Glue the 3 Balsa Wood into a "U" shape with the Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue the mousetrap on top of the platform, and then connect the long rod with the uncut hammer of the mouse trap using the hot glue gun. Connect the hook into the tip of the long rod and slightly bend the area near the end to prevent the hook from falling out
  • Remove the half of the hammer of the mousetrap car that isn't connected to the spring using pliers, to make an "I" looking hammer
  • Tie the zip tie around the rear axle and cut off the excess zip tie at the tip
  • Using the 1 metre string, tie the string to the hook, and make a loop at the end of the string and connect it to the protruding end of the zip tie
  • Then place the DVD disks on top of the second rubber stopper (Rubber stopper will be inside of the DVD Disk)
  • Hot glue the zip tie to the axle to connect the two
  • To start the mousetrap car, twist the rear axle towards the rear end and release the lever after finishing to start the drive (Done preferably outside on a smooth area)
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