islamic expansion
Updated: 1/21/2020
islamic expansion
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  • class today we will be learning about the islamic expansion so can anybody tell me who lead islam after Muhammads death why was he was chosen and what was he called?
  • abu bakr led islam after muhammads death because he was born into a wealthy family
  • how did muhammad's successor begin to spred islam?is this effective way to spread religion
  • Muhammad used his army as tool to go and conqure others and spread islam
  • how did muslims treat the people of conquered lands?why would they do this?
  • they treated people of conquered lands good as long as they listened to the ruler.
  • what are the differences between a shia and sunni?nowadays what sect to most muslims belong to
  • the shias believed that caliphs should be densdend from Muhammads family. but how many did the Umayyads expand islam.
  • Umayyads moved their capital from Medina tp Damascus.Where in Europe did the Umayyad conquer?what are Muslim people there know as.
  • Spain,modrs
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