Ugly Shay
Updated: 2/15/2020
Ugly Shay

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  • Bye Tally! Don't make any more dumb decisions or you can't become pretty.
  • Tally snuck out of uglyville to visit her old friend Perisin New Pretty Town. All Tally wants is to become pretty, and reunite with her old friends.
  • Ahhh! Don't worry I will do anything to become pretty.
  • Tally finds a new friend named Shay that loves adventure just like her. They end up becoming friends, and hove boarding together. Then after some time Shay offered to take Tally to the Rusty ruins.
  • I'm Tally, I don't know. I want to become pretty, but I guess so.
  • Hi i'm Shay do you want to go do something adventurous!
  • Shay took her, and Tally to the rusty ruins to have a good time, but really Shay wanted Tally to meet someone named David. Shay wouldn't give her all the details, and admitted she didn't want to become pretty. All the while Tally had a bad feeling about all of it.
  • You never know, but David id great, you will love him. And i'm not sure i i want to become pretty.
  • What do you mean someone never became pretty! You still want to become pretty though, right?
  • Shay decides to go off with David who turns out is real, and is taking her to the smoke. Shay really wants Tally to come, but Tally wants to become pretty. Tally never knew Shay was serious about leaving. Tally is really bummed out, but now she has to just focus on the operation.
  • Tally come to the Smoke with me, and David to the smoke i have enough supplies for two weeks.
  • No! I can't go with you I want to stay hear, and become pretty.
  • What, why? All I know is that she went off with someone named David. Why, this isn't fair.
  • Tally is given an ultimatum help special circumstances find shay, or never become pretty.
  • I'm sorry to inform you that you can't become pretty. If you want to become pretty give us all the information you have on Shay.
  • Tally has agreed to help special circumstances, so that she can lead them to Shay. If she is able to deliver Shay her friends, and David Tally will be able to become pretty. But First she has to decript Shays intercepted letter to lead her to the Smoke.
  • I'll do what ever you need me to do. I will do anything it takes to become pretty.