Forms of Government
Updated: 8/26/2018
Forms of Government
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  • Direct Democracy
  • Has everyone in the city voted yet?
  • Indirect Democracy
  • Daniel Smith for Senator!!
  • Daniel Smith for Senator!!
  • Dictatorship
  • NOOOO!!!!!
  • Do we have to finish this assignment as homework?
  • Yes, you must finish this assignment by tomorrow for full credit.
  • Everyone in the city has gathered at the courthouse to vote on a city law.
  • Democracy
  • Daniel Smith is running for Senator. The public has come out to his rally to see if they agree with his political views. Then the public will be able to vote for him or a different candidate.
  • Autocracy
  • At the end of this week, whoever has the most sales will stay with the company and the other will be fired.
  • Like a Dictatorship, the teacher is making the kids finish their assignment as homework even thought they don't want to.
  • Oligarchy
  • Single file line boys and slowly walk to the mess hall.
  • Presidential elections are coming up and the public will have to choose between two candidates who they trust to lead the nation.
  • Trump for president 2016
  • The owner of this business has complete control over the employees and functioning of the business. This means he can fire or hire anyone he wants. 
  • The group of guards are ordering the prisoners to walk to the cafeteria. The guards are in charge of the prisoners and basically have full control over them.
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