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Religion 204
Updated: 10/9/2020
Religion 204
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  • I served for eight years as a Corporal (E-4).
  • Hey, how's it going, I noticed your army veteran shirt, how long did you serve for?
  • I think it's unrealitistic to have true peace without just war. If a country decides to attack us, are we suppose to just sit with our hands behind our back and hope for peace?
  • Well I have a ton of respect for what you and our soldiers due for our country, but I've always wondered can we establish peace without having to be at war with other countries.
  • I disagree, its just not realistic to have a pacifist mindset at a macro-level, at a micro-level sure. But there are just too many institutions and political pressures to suggest uniformity for pacifism across the world.
  • Well yes, I understand we have defend ourseleves from an aggressor but if there was a recalibration in today's world or mindset on pacifism, there may universal peace among each nation.
  • Nuclear warfare is a big issue, I agree on that , but other countries are experimenting with it as a form of threat. We need to issue that same threat to those countries that they aren't the only one with those weapons available to them.
  • One day while visiting Capital Hill, Mr. Medina runs into a veteran from the U.S. army.
  • The Church has the same perspective as you do, which is why I believe there needs to be a recalibration of how we approach peace and the idea of pacifism. Just look at where the world is with the development of nuclear weapons, there should be no room for weapons of mass destruction, let alone weapons in general.
  • Mr. Medina respects what the soldiers do for our country but has always wondered if peace could be established without the use of arms and wars with other countries. The veteran replies that there can't be true peace without just war.
  • That is a fair point. It is valid, but I would counter with what is the alternative if other countries aren't obliging by the same rules? We have to adapt to our surroundings.
  • In Just War, one criteria states that the use of arms must not produce evil greater than that to be eliminated, so even now why has that criteria been disregarded? I don't believe in Just War at all, but even now, the criteria seems to be an after thought.
  • Were going to have to agree to disagree here on this issue. there will never be true peace in this world unless action is taken against countries who oppose us.
  • Mr. Medina and the veteran then offer counterpoints as to why they believe peace through pacifism can and cannot be achieved.
  • This is why I believe in Pacifism because there will never be any true peace in this world until we recalibrate our line of thinking. We can bring peace into this world without having to harm one another.
  • The conversation then progresses towards the issue of nuclear weapons and both individuals speaking on their perspective on this topic
  • The dialogue continues between both individuals and an expansion on how the Just War criteria is changing over time.
  • The conversation ends between the two individuals agreeing to disagree on each others perspective.
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