ela vocab project
Updated: 3/18/2020
ela vocab project

Storyboard Text

  • It was a very melancholy day when Jeffry went on an excursion into the woods. A couple meters into the woods Jeffry smelled an odious odor. Jeffry heard a torrent and as he moved closer to the stream, the odor became stagnant.Jeffry saw something move, so he went to higher ground to increase his vantage point to see more of the woods.
  • Warily he climbed to the top of the tree where he sat stolid as he took in the sights. Jeffry didn’t feel safe going back down the tree so he decided to set up camp at the top of the tree lineHe got vines and suspended them from branches to create a hammock. During the night Jeffry was startled by a cracking noise. In his contempt for being suddenly awakened, he looked around to see what was up. When he looked down he saw a shadow and as the shadow grew bigger it manifested into an incomprehensible sighting of the one and only BIG FOOT.
  • His senses became invigorated as he realized the phenomenon that stood below. Jeffry strewed from his hammock and grabbed his knife. His proclivity was to defend himself thinking that Big Foot was there to harm him. As he came face to face with Big Foot, he saw the look of oblivion in the creature’s eyes. Still scared Jeffry pulled out his knife and in retaliation Big Foot growled and grabbed a large stick. They eyed each other up seeking to avenge the misconceptions they each had of each other. Jeffry jolted his knife towards Big Foot and Big Foot swung the large stick towards Jeffry then they both dispersed in different directions. In their minds they converged that it was a lose - lose situation for each of them. So Jeffry went back home to tell his tale of the day he met Big Foot face-to-face.