Unknown Story
Updated: 6/12/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Sal, why don't you tell us a story?
  • Alright then
  • Yes dear
  • My friend named phoebe has family issues. One day her she receives a misterious note...
  • Is there a murderer in town?
  • Sal's grandmother gets very sick.
  • Sal learns everbody is just trying their best.
  • Walk two moons
  • Phoebe's mother runs away from home. She turns out to have another kid besides Phoebe.
  • Sal is going on a road trip with her grandparents. Their driving from Kentucky to Idaho. It takes them a week. Sal does not enjoy the trip very much. They are going on the same trip Sal's mother went a few years ago. Her mother has passed a while ago. As they are driving, Sal's grandparents ask to tell them a story. She eventually goes along with it.
  • Sal starts telling about her friend Phoebe. Sal met Phoebe in her new home. She and her father moved when Sal's mother died. Phoebe's story is very similar to Sal's own story. Sal's is actually telling her own story, but via a different person. In the story Phoebe gets a misterious note. Phoebe thinks there is a murdere in town. She is very scared.
  • Sal's grandmother gets very sick. She does not die, but she becomes very weak after this. Meanwhile, in Phoebe's story; Phoebe's mother runs away. It turns out she has another son in college. Sal learns from her own story. Everybody is just trying their best. I will ofcourse not spoil the ending:)
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