Maori Studies - Tamaki Makaurau
Updated: 5/29/2021
Maori Studies - Tamaki Makaurau

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  • The Ngai Tai tribe sailed on the tainui canoe and settled into Maraetai, Howick and Whitford. In the early 18th century Ngati Raoa also edged there way to Hauraki Gulf. Between 1740 & 1750 Ngati Whatua invaded the isthmus and killed Kiwi Tamaki -The chief of Wai-o-Hua
  • The Ngai Tai tribe lived under forest cover in Waitakere and controlled land as far north as the Kaipara. While The Whatua, after killing Kiwi Tamaki they took his last pa at Mangere. then the conquerors secure their ownership of the isthmus by intermarrying with descendants if the Wai-o-Hua
  • From 1600 to 1750 Tamaki tribes terraced the volcanic cones, building pa. Across the isthmus they developed 2,000 hectares of kumara gardens
  • At the peak of prosperity in 1750, the population numbered tuns of thousands. It was pre-European New Zealand's most wealthy and populous area.
  • There followed a period where cautious peace in which Ngati Paos conflict with Ngatipuhi tribes in the north made the Tamaki vulnerable to attack.
  • In 1821, wanting to avenge previous defeats By Tamaki, The Nga puti leader Hongi Hiku launched a series of attacks. With 2,00 men and 1,000 muskets, he stormed 2 Ngati Paoa pa. Killing hundreds and enslaving hundreds more.