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final project
Updated: 3/6/2020
final project
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  • Total Wellness
  • Physical Wellness and Setting Goal
  • I will become the best basketball player in six months from now.
  • Assessing health and Fitness
  • An individuals total wellness is very important mentally, physically, and socially. Its your choice weather you want to surround yourself with positive people that motivate you and figuring out ways to deal with stress and how you cope with them or even if you want to get a good amount of sleep at night. This all has something to do with your with your total wellness.
  • Selecting Physical Activity
  • Physical wellness is finding a balance of physical activity, the right nutrition and mental well being. Being physical can have plenty of benefits to it. Having an excellent Physical wellness will even help our mental wellness by being able too be proud and happy of your physical being.Setting a goal can help you achieve what you want. A smart goal is the best way to set a goal. A smart goal is based on specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time related.
  • Lifestyle guidelines
  • Assessing your health and fitness is where you are currently are in your fitness level and how much your body can handle physically. This is important because you want to know where you stand when exercising and if your body will burn out quickly or not. It is very important to not overwork yourself when it comes to exercising. This can lead to serious injuries.
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity is important because it helps prevent diseases, stress and helps build muscle . Theirs many varieties of workouts from low intensity to high intensity or even doing sports. the one important thing too keep in mind is that you should only choose a physical activity that you enjoy doing something that you can look forward too in your routine.
  • A big part of lifestyle guidelines has to do with what you eat. Its better to maintain a healthy body weight than being over weight.You should eat a variety of healthy foods, enjoy your fruit and veggies as well as reduce salt and sugar intake. You should definitely drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and control your portion size. This factors are important to follow if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Nutrition is absorption of food in what we intake from it. Your nutrition is important due to it helping prevent diseases and helps keep you fueled. Your protein intake should be 10 to 35% of your diet, your carbohydrates intake should be 45 to 65%, and your fat intake should be 20 to 35%. Your daily calorie intake should at least be 2,000 calories you should also include vitamins in your nutrition.
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