Comic Strip for English
Updated: 10/26/2020
Comic Strip for English

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  • My sister>
  • My sister and I slept in our mom's room the night before this happened. She woke us up this morning and told us the news. She already had tears in her eyes, so we knew something was wrong.
  • My mom asks the nurse if me and my sistercould go up there but, unfortunately she said no. So, 12 of my family members went up there to see the body and there was a lot of crying. Some of my family members were upset that didn't get to go up there, but they got over it. We left the hospital around 2:00 PM.
  • 11:00 AM
  • Yes...
  • Your granny passed away this morning, she's at the hospital. Do you want to come with me? You might be able to see her..
  • In the car on the way to the hospital, my sister and I were crying a lot. We just could not believe what was happening right now. We didn't see this coming at all.
  • We arrived at the hopistal, and some of my family members were already there. We immediately recieved hugs from everyone. This is outside of the hospital .
  • We all head to my house with the rest of my family. When we get there it was better. Some of us had stop crying while some were looking at some old pictures. My mom and her siblings were kind of arraning the funeral. Then the day was over.
  • Only two people can go up there at a time to see the body, and you can only have a total of twelve people.
  • Ok...
  • We arrive at startbucks, but my sister and I didn't want anything so we stayed in the car. My mom and our cousin went inside and ordered what they wanted. They leave out the place and get back in the car.
  • "Hmm... I would like.."
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