Digital citizenship
Updated: 3/9/2021
Digital citizenship

Storyboard Text

  • Miss C, what are the rules on using digital technology in the classroom?
  • 4 guidelines when using Digital Technology
  • Great question Abby! let's Have a look
  • Create secure passwords in order to protect your personal information
  • I have hacked into their accounts so now I can see all of their personal information and steal their identity
  • *Laughs wickedly*
  • The Beatles are the BEST band
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated online. Be RESPECTFUL
  • I respectfully disagree
  • We need to use credible and reliable sources
  • Don't believe everything that you read, especially on the internet
  • It's important to understand that what you post, can stay on the internet forever, even if you have deleted it. Future employees can see this!
  • What if we change our privacy settings from public to private?
  • Post awareness is still important. If you're not comfortable with your parent, guardian or teacher seeing it, then maybe you shouldn't post it!
  • Thank you Miss C, Goodbye!
  • Good work today everyone! See you all tomorrow