The Dilemma of the US helping Haiti.

Updated: 5/19/2020
The Dilemma of the US helping Haiti.

Storyboard Text

  • Haiti needs food and other resources to be sustainable as a country
  • Help Haiti! They are in great need and we should help!
  • America will try their best to provide Hatia with basic necessitates such as food like rice.
  • I understand the concern for the country of Haiti based on the previous events that had happened to them such as the earthquake and dictatorship. 
  • Lets get this US rice import over to Haiti so it can help their food crisis.
  • Now we do not have to pay for expensive Haitian rice
  • This solves all of our problems
  • Thanks for the rice America.
  • We hopefully helped every single Haitian.
  • Now that food was delivered to Haiti, every Haitian will benefit from our contribution.
  • How am I going to compete with US imported rice
  • I won'e be able to sell my rice product or feed my family now