neolithic and paleolithic
Updated: 12/20/2019
neolithic and paleolithic
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  • Neolithic Communities
  • Neolithic Shelter
  • Neolithic Food
  • As a community grew, people became more efficiently and could divide up the work. Other workers grew crops ,while others built houses and made tools. They all learned hoe to do tasks more quickly.
  • Paleolithic Communities
  • The Neolithic houses were made of bricks mixed with stones and tree branches. Their house several rooms. they stored food under the floor and dug up pits into the floor to cook. They even had to climb ladders to enter the house.
  • Paleolithic Shelters
  • The Neolithic people leaned how to raise animals and crops for food. They also had control food supply and no longer had to wonder in search of food. Also they were able to settle in one area.
  • Paleolithic Food
  • Their community hunted animals. Also their community was was small about 20-60 people wondered in search of food. As people became growing food, they settled down near their farms. As a result, towns and villages grew up, like those at Jericho and Catal Hoyuk.
  • The Paleolithic had temporary houses because hunter- gathers were nomads. They had to move often, to follow the wild animal herds. The houses they lived was caves and rough, tent like structures.
  • Paleolithic roamed place to place to hunt wind animals and gather nuts, berries, and seeds from the plants they found. They did not have a dependable, food supply. Wild plants and animals grew scarce when people in one area for a long time. The hunting was dangerous. Hunters were often injured or klilled.
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