Viking Comic Strip
Updated: 1/30/2020
Viking Comic Strip
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  • Vikings developed a comfortable life when they weren't raiding cities. They learned how to build homes, and preserve and grow their food. Extended families all lived together, they lived in small villages. Both men and women had many rights, they could both own property, divorce, and sue in court.
  • Most Vikings either farmed or fished for a living. They grew crops and raised animals. When men to raid the women would take over and look after the farm. When at home the women usually weaved.
  • Roads connected families, so that everyone could attend a community meeting. They were called "The Thing". Vikings read laws there and chose their kings. The laws allowed kids to play safely in the communities. every Viking tried to be nice to their neighbors because of their code of honor and if someone offened or wronged someone else, people could take revenge on them.
  • The Vikings raided along the coast and used rivers to get inland. To get to each place they used boats called longboats.
  • Vikings most often attacked Churches. They weren't afraid to attack churches because they didn't believe in Christianity. Churches also had many riches in them that weren't heavily guarded, making it easy for the Vikings to get it.
  • One of the reasons why the Vikings have such a bad reputation now, of being murderous and bad, was because the people who wrote about them then were usually the monks who were attacked by the Vikings, who were the ones who knew how to read and write while the Vikings didn't.
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