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Updated: 2/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • 1). I've always lived in Veracruz
  • 2). when I was 6 I I entered to the school
  • 3) in the evenings my grandfather took me swimming
  • I am sitting next to my first dog, it is a normal plane.
  • 4) my family and me likes to travel
  • I am in front of my my previous school, it is a normal plane.
  • 5) I work shooting photos in the job of my father and mother
  • I am swimming, it is a low angle.
  • 6) Now I am in the school
  • TEC
  • we are standing for a photo there is my dad, mom, grandmother and me, it is a normal plane.
  • Im taking a picture of a newborn and his mother, the plain is Over Shoulder.
  • I am sitting waiting for design class to start :) it is a high angle.