A slave's building
Updated: 3/20/2020
A slave's building

Storyboard Text

  • What do they expect me to do with this?
  • Work slave, or I will PUNISH YOU!
  • Okay (what is this thing)
  • Have fun buliding also take this hammer
  • A slave seeing his work.
  • Few hours after working endlessly
  • The Pharaoh is telling the slave to work.
  • That'd be nice thanks
  • Hey buddy the Nile is flooded so do you want help?
  • The Pharaoh is giving the slave a hammer.
  • Thanks for the help Farmer
  • No problem buddy glad to help anytime when the Nile is flooded
  • Wow this is awsome
  • Good job you are halfway through.
  • A farmer wants to help the slave build.
  • The farmer and the slave finish the construction and the Pharaoh is happy about it.