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Updated: 9/27/2018
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  • In the middle of town
  • It will be hard to choose from all of the wonderful kinds of wood and metal for Samurai Yamanouchi's sword.
  • I love being an artisan and having the honour of making Samurai swords! Oh look! there are some Samurai over there
  • Talking to Samurai
  • We are collecting taxes for the Daimyo who owns this Domain.
  • Oh! We will have to get our money ready for when you come to collect our taxes.
  • Talking to Samurai
  • Have you heard that there could be some filthy christians hiding in Lord Fukui's Domain?
  • It is a shame that we cannot leave Japan.
  • No! We have not samurai!
  • Nabashima and his wife Chiyo are walking around the village looking for some new metal to use for a Samurai sword. Nabashima is an Artisan. Sometimes Artisans and Samurai become good friends beause of the amazing armour and swords that Artisans make for Samurai.
  • A Fight has started
  • What is wrong with you! I asked you for a wooden pendant, not a metal one! You are a stupid merchent!
  • Please calm down sir. I am sorry that you got the wrong pendant, and i will now go in and get the right one.
  • Nabashima and Chiyo walk over to Samurai Yamanouchi and the rest of the boushidan (warrior band) while they are collecting the taxes for their Daimyo, who owns the village and all of the land surrounding it (this area was called the Daimyo's Domain). Chiyo stands behind her husband because she is a woman and must let the men talk.
  • Leaving the middle of town
  • I am deeply sorry for disturbing you and your wife artisan! Please forgive me farmer! Please do not hurt me samurai!
  • Japan is at peace so no one is allowed into or out of Japan (this is called the Edo period). Because of this, people who preech a religion other than Buddhism and Shinto or people who believe in a religion other than those two (such as christianity) are not wanted in Japan. The Bushidan, Nabashima and chiyo continue exchanging gossip for a while.
  • In the work shop
  • What a waste of time! I did not get any wood or metal for the samurai sword. Augh!
  • Samurai also kept the peasants peaceful for Daimyo and handled conflicts. Merchents were not too popular among the other levels of the feaudal structure because they did not contribute much to society. Merchents sold things that other people made. Nabashima hates Merchents because he sees them as useless. The farmer is angry with the merchent because he made a mistake
  • I cannot belive the merchent messed up such a simple order! He is useless.
  • Farmers were higher up in the feaudal system than Artisans and Merchants. This was because they were labeled as essential to Japan as they supplied the countrys food. Nabashima deeply respects farmers because of what they do. Nabashima will let the bushidan handle the argument between the farmer and the merchent. The merchent is very scared of upsetting the artisan, farmer and samurai, for fear of getting into big trouble.
  • That is enough peasants. We will handle this properly.
  • We will go home now Chiyo. Goodbye samurai.
  • Nabashima is in his work shop. Nabashima Is angry that he did not get any wood or metal. The samurai that he is making the sword for will not be happy with the delay. The sword in the background is for another samurai that Nabashima must finish within two months. Nabashima spends many hours, days, weeks months and even years to create beautiful swords. Swords in Japan are called Katana's.
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