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African Culture
Updated: 3/9/2020
African Culture
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This comic strip was made by Jaydn Gill of Form 2.3

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  • I speak Gbe to all the other slaves. I can’t understand anything the whites say
  • I am a slave, not entitled to my beliefs. Therefore I can’t practise Islam.
  • They want to convert me to christianity. I am scared of jehovah.
  • I speak Gbe to all the slaves k can’t understand the whites.
  • I speak Gbe to my fellow slaves and I don’t understand the whites.
  • I learned a little bit of english from the white man from working in the household.
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  • This is where my family and I eat food. We are only given small amounts to suffice us.
  • I don't like the vegetables, so I get the meat scraps from the white man.
  • We slaves are only given one set of clothes each year. If they are damaged they must still be worn.
  • For special events we play music and dance. Our favourite genre is Afrobeat.
  • We slaves use herbs as medicine since we can’t access thewhite man's medicine
  • This is what my wife and wear daily. Due to the fact we get 1 pair of new clothes every year
  • Medicine isn’t an option for us so we use herbal remedies.
  • Medicine is hard to obtain especially as a slave. So when we are plagued by illness we resort to herbal remedies
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