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Updated: 3/16/2020
Andrew Jackson Storyboard

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  • Jayleen Obregon
  • Andrew Jackson's Presidency
  • -TCI
  • Make sure to read the objective. In my opinion Andrew Jackson doesn't deserve to be on the $20 bill.
  • Class, today we will be learning about Andrew Jackson's presidency.
  • We all different opinions though. We'll start out with Jacksonian Democracy.
  • It would be like if you invited your friends over to your house and they just destroyed it.
  • Objective is to answer this question: Does Andrew Jackson deserve to be on the $20 bill?
  • Jacksonian Democracy: The idea that common people should have control over the government. This wasn't such a good idea because the common people ended up trashing the white house after getting invited to a ball.
  • 2nd Topic: Spoils System: when government jobs were given to political supporters. Andrew Jackson gave government positions to common people. An example of this would be the time President Harrison changed 31,000 postmasters. Though Jackson did some bad things the spoil system wasn't one of them it actually allowed the Democratic party to stick together.
  • 3rd Topic: Indian Removal Policy: This law allowed the President to create treaties with the Native Americans but the law also caused Indians to leave their homelands just because the President wanted to gain more land. Ex: It's as if someone kicked you out of your own house for doing nothing wrong.
  • 4th Topic: State's Rights: The tariffs of 1828 increased taxes on imported manufactures, Southerners were not happy about that. This caused Southerners to create threats of secession. Andrew Jackson and the vice president created a nullification which meant the tariffs weren't force able.
  • It would be like if you didn't have a say in a decision that is for you.
  • 5th Topic: War on National Bank/Economic Decisions: Andrew Jackson wanted to destruct the 2nd national bank because he thought it would mess with the traditions that America created. For example Jefferson thought that the power over money supply in a centralized organization would danger American society. All Andrew Jackson actually did was flood the economy of paper money of uncertain value and left the issues for the next President to deal with.