Jaylin Chapman Fairy Tale

Updated: 2/19/2019
Jaylin Chapman Fairy Tale

Storyboard Text

  • Missing
  • Still Missing
  • Once, long, long ago there was a brilliant scientist, known as "Dr. Frankenstein" He had created an antidote for reviving the dead, but he could not revive their soul.
  • No one had no idea at first what he was up to until their secretary Ann exposed their secrets on the news to the entire world
  • Ann wakes him up and then Denver proceeds to freak out because he had thought she was dead for being missing for so many years. She told him go and climb the Mountain Axir. Doing so would get him in shape and help him lose all his body fat.
  • Ann waited patiently for 8 months thinking he wouldn’t come and then out of nowhere he returns
  • He was then arrested. While he was walking to the police car he told Denver that if he were to destroy the lab all the zombies would die. 
  • Denver was named King of the World, he then got married, had kids, and then he lived happily ever after