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Updated: 11/22/2019
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  • Aint you have enough pork chops for breakfast.. PORK CHOP ! PORK CHOP !
  • What you expect she built like a stick . Ion know bout this stick lookin ***
  • I guess I live here now ...
  • American history BY: Judith OrtizJacob Suarez
  • Omg he dead!!!!!
  • Our freedom is dead!
  • She goes to school and gets bullied because of the fact that she’s an immigrant. The black girls would make fun of her calling her skinny bones and pork chop . She felt humiliated and she wanted to cry.
  • He doesn't need friends . Hes smart enough with out you
  • ok...
  • when the old couple moved out , Eugene and his family moved in . Elena liked him right away and she knew he liked her too
  • The day JFK died the whole building was shocked . JFK was their way to freedom . Elena was to excited about seeing Eugene so she didn’t feel bad about her President .
  • Elena went to Eugenes house but Eugene didn’t open the door His mom did . His mom shut Elenas hopes down . She told her to leave and that Eugene doesn’t need her
  • That night Elena wanted to feel bad for her dead President but the thought of Eugene doesn’t leave her mind . She stays in bed at night crying for Eugene feeling hopeless.
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