Updated: 9/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • ok, thanks for helping us remember it, and thanks for doing your job properly to keep thepeople safe.
  • maam and sir, can you please keep social distancing for our protocol and please always use wear your facemask and face shield, thank you.
  • While hannah is walking in street to go home she saw a 2 people that has no faceshields and face mask and not following the protocol.
  • Sorry about it ma'am because were in a bit hurry now thats why we forgot to bring our face shield and facemask. but were going to buy in that store, thanks for letting us know and we promise not to forgot it again .
  • Uhm sir do you know that what your doing is against at out protocol you don't have any facemask and face shield as well as your daughter, it's dan gerous to go outside without it and you will get arrested because you're not following the guidelines and the protocol.
  • Thank you for helping us ma'am and telling us the protocols and guidelines im thankful to you. Have a good day too ma'am thank you again.
  • it's ok for now, and here is the face shield and face mask use this for now because all store will not going to let you go in because they have own and protocols to follow too. Next time dont forget to bring face shields and face mask it's important to all of us. Thanks sir for litening to me, have a good day with your daughter.