Out of my mind project
Updated: 6/5/2020
Out of my mind project
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Six important scenes from the book.

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  • Melody's visit to the doctor before school
  • SHe is VERY smart i can see it in her eyes. How dare you say that!!
  • Melody has failed the tests and has shown she has to go to a special school.
  • THe fish accident
  • The Medi-Talker
  • I love you too!! so happy you can speak now!
  • I love you mom and dad:)
  • Melody had to do a checkup before she could start school and she decided to not try on the questions the doctor was asking therefore he said she is not very smart or smart enough to go to school with normal people. This made her mom outraged because she saw in her eyes that she is very smart.
  • haha look at her
  • You're not perfect either,you have braces, Have respect!
  • In this scene melody was sitting in her room alone while her mother was resting downstairs when she noticed her fish was trying to jump out the bowl but she couldn't do anything about it so she screamed but no one came. So the fish died and she thinks it was her fault.
  • The airport disapointment
  • They left at 9am already
  • In this scene after her whole life she finally got to "talk" to someone and tell her parents that loves them so much. She could finally talk and express herself
  • Road problems
  • *Screaming*
  • In this scene Mrs.V won a trip to a museum and she chose Melody,Penny,Her Parents, and Melody chose Rose. WHen they were there walking around they crossed ways with Molly and Claire (the school bullies) started to talk about her as if she wasn;t right there. Then Mrs.V got angry and said a few words about them because her mom couldn't
  • In this Chapter Melody and her mom found out the team took an early flight and left melody and did not even try to call her. So they went to Washington without her and lost. Then Melody became extremely upset.
  • This is the scene after The whizTeam group left Melody on purpose and she was very upset and wanted to go to school to prove she wasn't sad about it. Until she was rushing her mom out the door and Penny ran behind the car and got hit. But Melody tried to warn her but she didn't listen:(
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