Hero journey

Updated: 9/14/2020
Hero journey

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  • Just a normal day?
  • The commission is back
  • It's a normal day in the city of Brooklyn or at least Freddie thought until he received a phone call. "Hello?" Freddie answered "yes yes. Freddie. We need you to get down to the missions office ASAP. It's an emergency."With no hesitation, Freddie got up and immediately went over.
  • They messed with the wrong family
  • Freddie ran into the missions office with a quickness"What is it? What's going on?" he said with a concerned toneThe board looks at the boss and leaves out of the room. "We need you to go on another mission. The commission is back" Boss said as he stood and walked over to Freddie"I told you that I'm done with these silly missions and besides, I thought we took the commission out over four years ago. How are they back?
  • Action time!
  • Freddie is on his way home contemplating the mission that has been given to him. "How did they even get back after wha-" His thoughts were interrupted as he received another phone call from his wife. He answers the phone to here a panicked voice. "HONEY PLEASE HURRY HOME. I-SON-JAY." "Slow down. What about jay?" Freddie said in a concerned tone. "THEY TOOK HIM!!!" Janet yelled finally getting her words together. Freddie hung up and increased his speed, trying to get home.
  • "It's over"
  • Freddie ran in the house to find Janet on her knees crying and holding a piece of paper. He walks over to Janet to read the paper. "What does this even mean Freddie?!" Janet said to him. Freddie reads the note. "We're back.." "Lord please let our baby be okay" Janet prayed as I stood there trying to figure out what to do. I leaned over to her. "We're going to get our son back okay" I nod as I check the house to make sure it's all clear. He then makes a phone call to boss. "Yeah boss? Put me on. They've messed with the wrong family"
  • We're back..
  • Janet and I tracked down where they'd be at and we found them. At the entrance of the warehouse, there were guards that were trying to keep us from going in. Janet and I both punched them and walked over them to go into the warehouse in which we seen our son. "Jay?!" Janet asked as she ran over to him. "Mmmmm!" Jay mumbled as we ran over to him to untape his mouth and untie his hands until the commission came to stop us. We beat them up, leaving them on the floor. Boss walked in, clapping.
  • "Well congrats Freddie. You did it? But did you really?""What are you talking about boss? You knew about my son the whole time?? Man that's messed up" Freddie says as he pushes the boss. Boss then hits Freddie and his eyes start changing. Freddie looks at Janet and Jay and tells them to get in the car and lock the doors. Freddie and boss start initiating their superpowers and fight each other. He almost kills Freddie but Freddie uses his ultimate super power and takes boss out. The family makes it back to the house. "Is it over?" Jay asks. Freddie nods and hugs his wife and son.